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  • Category: Weather
  • Last Updated: 2018-10-04
  • Current version: 4.8.4
  • File size: 273.57 MB
  • Developer: Grailr LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

CARROT Weather Preview

Downloading and installing CARROT Weather on your Windows PC

Download CARROT Weather for Windows: CARROT Weather is an Weather App, developed by Grailr LLC. The Weather App was officially released 2015-03-19. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Grailr LLC, with the latest current version being 4.8.4 which was officially released on 2018-10-04. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 19,034 Reviews on the App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5.

Using CARROT Weather on your Windows computer is actually very easy but if you are new to this process, you will definitely need to pay attention to the steps listed below. This is because you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We will help you download and install CARROT Weather on your computer in 4 simple steps below:

1: Download an Andriod Software emulator for Windows

The importance of the emulator is that it emulates or immitates an android environment on your computer, making it super easy to install and run android apps from the comfort of your PC without buying a phone that runs android. Who says you cannot enjoy both worlds? To begin, you can download such an emulator app made by too top dogs in the space.
A. Nox App . OR
B. Bluestacks App .
Personally, I recommend the "B" option as Bluestacks is very popular so if you run into any trobles using it, you can find good solutions on Google or Bing (lol). 

2: Now Install the Software Emulator on your Windows PC

If you successfully downloaded the Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe, go to your Downloads folder on your computer or anywhere you ususally store downloaded files.
Once you have find it, click it to install the application. It should start the installation process on your PC.
Click Next to accept the EULA License agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application.
If you do the above correctly, the Software will be successfully installed.

3: How to Use CARROT Weather for Windows PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and locate the search bar. Now type CARROT Weather in the search bar and hit Search. You will easily see the app. Click on CARROT Weather application icon. A window of CARROT Weather will open and it will display the app in your Emulator Software. Hit the Install button and your application will start downloading. Now we are all done.
Next, you will see the "All Apps" icon.
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed applications.
You should see the CARROT Weather icon. Click on it and start using the application.

Hope it was not too difficult? If you have any further inquiries, contact me through the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page so I could help You. Have a nice day!

About CARROT Weather

Developer Description

** Winner of Apple’s Editor’s Choice award on the Mac and featured by The New York Times, Good Morning America, CNN, Wired, & more! ** Accurate and Detailed Dark Sky’s super accurate weather data gives you quick access to your current, hourly, and daily forecasts. Or just tap anywhere for more meteorological goodness. Overflowing with Personality From spooky fog to torrential downpours, CARROT’s dialogue, characters, and scenery change in… “unexpected” ways. You’ll actually be looking forward to a blizzard just to see what CARROT has in store for you! Notifications Premium Club users can sign up for severe weather alert and daily summary notifications, and Apple Watch users can also receive warnings about incoming precipitation. (Severe weather alerts are only available in the US. Daily reports work worldwide. Precipitation notifications are available in the US, UK, and parts of Canada.) Weather Maps Watch in awe as the next big storm bears down on your house with CARROT’s trusty radar (for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany) and satellite (for the rest of the world) maps. Plus, Ultrapremium Club users get access to future radar, lightning strikes, and 12 additional map layers! Customization Want to disable CARROT's personality? You can turn her into a 100% professional weather app! And Premium Club members can customize every last data point that CARROT displays to show the weather data that you care about. Time Machine View the weather for any location up to 70 years in the past. DeLorean not required! Siri Shortcuts Ask Siri about upcoming weather or use forecast data to build complex workflows in the Shortcuts app. Secret Locations Follow clues to hunt down 44 secret locations - like the Moon, the Pyramids, and Chernobyl. Achievements Unlock 34 achievements by experiencing weather events, traveling around the world, and using different features in the app. Apple Watch In addition to a full weather app and notifications, you also get colorful complications for your watch face. (Note: Premium Club subscription required to unlock background data updates, notifications, and complication customization features.) Features: • Beautifully minimalist weather app • Dark Sky’s super accurate weather data • Weather Underground data source available as an upgrade • Severe weather alert and daily summary notifications • Precipitation notifications via CARROT Weather for Apple Watch • Radar and satellite maps • Apple Watch app with complications • Siri shortcuts • Today widget • 6,000+ lines of hilarious spoken dialogue • 44 secret locations • 34 achievements • 24 alternative app icons Don’t make CARROT angry. Download her now! --- CARROT Weather uses auto-renewing subscriptions. The Premium Club subscription provides additional features like notifications, customization, an alternative weather data source, and Apple Watch background updates. The Ultrapremium Club subscription provides all the features of Premium Club, plus additional weather map layers and alternative data source access for Apple Watch users. The subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of your subscription period and will be charged through your iTunes account. Subscriptions renew automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. Cancellation of the current active subscription period is not allowed. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

App Reviews

  • Weather kills...

    By Manic Bobo
    Finally a weather app that does everything you need, does it accurately, and actually keeps the watch updated without having to open anything. There’s more information on the watch than I really need which is pretty good, cuz it’s there if I want it without having to hunt for it. I tried a bunch before trying Carrot. I always ended up getting a refund they were so lousy. None of them were very accurate, or they drained my battery as fast as it could. One required location services on always or it wouldn’t even load. Insane. Location services sitting in my living room?? If I don’t travel who cares?? I’m not a fan of subscription services but for what you get with carrot it was worth it to me. The snarky comments are entertaining, and the layout is easy to read & visually pleasing. The layout isn’t overly bogged down with page after page of charts, maps, and other junk. Simple & straightforward with nice little surprises showing up in the artwork. Customer service gives quick friendly responses, without making you feel like a dummy for asking. I really like this weather app better than any other.
  • Didn’t want to like Carrot-but how could I not?

    By RobWCam
    I like to experience weather matter-of-factly. I find this a crucial component of checking weather when I’m scouting out best times in the year to vacation somewhere. My husband suggested I use Carrot to add some “flair” to my weather searches....I found this confusing mostly because...I don’t like change and was used to the layout on another “reliable” weather app that I won’t use by name......(the app rhymes with “Feather Flannel”), and lastly when my husband is right about something, a circuit shorts somewhere deep inside my body which gives me the overwhelming need to revolt. And besides, what could Carrot do to add “flair” to my weather check-in while in Hawaii for sunny days to stay and lay by the pool, or what day I should schedule my trip to the local outdoor mall? The first time Carrot Told me she hoped I was impaled by flying debris on a windy day at home though, I fell in love.......AND she’s ALWAYS ACCURATE....needless to say, I deleted the “Feather Flannel” app and spend my time with Carrot. Daily. ♥️♥️♥️
  • A weather app like no other

    By Bennett Comfort
    Forget and set aside your previous expectations of what a quality weather app may be. Carrot Weather app is unique in itself, and for good reason! Yes, this application provides accurate forecasting as well as live weather updates upon request. But this app is so, so much more. This application and it’s humorous User-Interface reset the paradigm of weather-notification apps - bringing with it a level of immersion never seen before. Carrot weather app is accurate, but moreso ever notification pushed to you will at least have you smirking in its comedy. I am constantly checking this weather app, not because I wish to know what the current state of weather is like (honestly I’ve never done this before), but just to see what tongue-in-cheek joke awaits me today. If you want a weather app, this app is for you. And if you just want an app to make you smile from time to time (while also giving you accurate weather data live) then this app is also for you.
  • Awesome App

    By Ryan Broom
    The design is beautiful, the app on iPhone X in particular really shines. I love the way the graph visualizes temp and precipitation. The snarky robot concept is funny and the ability to fine tune it’s personality and politics is ingenious. The ability to look backwards in time at weather is also something I’ve always wanted from a weather app. There are a lot of other little touches that you should discover yourself. A couple of things that could be better are the tiny font on the widget (which I use daily to quickly check weather at a glance). It’s really, really tiny. Almost unreadable. Precipitation notifications are pretty clunky too and have to be pushed from the mac app ($). There is also a subscription for access to a few extras including watch complication customization, which is a little annoying after paying 5 bucks. Overall, spectacular app for something as simple as weather. Lots of great features, personality, amazing design, and updates.
  • App does not work

    By Aeolian.Mode
    All the “best Apple Watch app” research I did always turned up Carrot weather. I was excited when I downloaded it, and the AW app impressed me so I immediately subscribed at the highest tier. Unfortunately the UI is the only area that remained positive. The accuracy of the wunderground subscription aside, I have major issues with the app on my series 3 Apple Watch. The weather never updates by itself. I must manually tap the complication on my watch face to launch the full app for the weather to update. Synchronizing my personal preferences is spotty at best. Every time I want to change something it doesn’t work. The app freezes constantly and I have to restart my AW more than I think I should be required to. The final straw for me was just now where the entire app was stuck on a weather report from yesterday and even a restart plus a reinstall did not fix the issue. I have no idea what’s going on but this is not the app I read about. At least the app on my phone is working fine, so my subscription is not entirely wasted. However I got this for my AW so I am still not happy.
  • Liberal weather app

    By sterlingsinner
    I really wanted to like this app. Some of the forecasts were really funny but some were very political. I’m not really looking for politics in my weather so I tried switching to neutral under the settings and it would still bring up insults against Trump. I set it to conservative to see if it would change anything and it just made the Trump insults milder. I get that it’s cool for people to hate on Trump, to each their own, but this far left leaning app that can’t help but make fun of Trump no matter what setting you put it on is really off-putting. If you could toggle removing politics altogether this is 5 Stars. If it catered to both sides of politics then 4 stars. As it stands the constant need to politicize one side of the spectrum is infinitely frustrating as time goes on and my enjoyment declined to the point where I removed it and suggest others avoid it unless they’re liberal. How difficult is it to make something that isn’t biased? Or that would adapt to either side? Why do we need politics with the weather? Why can’t I just have a funny app without getting political?
  • From 5 stars to 3, as a premium subscriber.

    By AshleyDelavane
    And as of May 13th 2018 now one star as still keeps randomly freezing on series 3 Watch. No matter how many times I reset, reinstall reboot watch and phone. Feedback I get from customer support is that is strange. Love this app and am also an ultra premium subscriber. Works great on phone but not watch. 1 star rating because of Customer support response and not getting what I paid for. Hopefully the developers will listen now. ————————— Because on iPhone 7 Plus widget... it often crashes with no update--- just blank space. Since the widget is there for the sole reason to be instant- this is ridiculous. Many people have complained yet no fix. The second star docked is due to inaccuracy of weather occasionally. By about 7-8 degrees Fahrenheit quite often. It then corrects itself shortly after but not until I have found the accurate temp by going outside and also checking with Weathermate. No app can beat Carrot's aesthetics in my opinion. Nor the ease of use with the great detail available. Not to mention the snark. But as a premium subscriber I deserve better.
  • Too Funny!!

    By Lady Elia
    I used to love this app! Read further down for update. Not only do you get accurate weather information but it swears at you at the same time. Now if they would just keep making Missions! Or you could hire me to do this really fun part of the app! I need more Missions ##%*^€£¥. Thanks Update: Okay back again with additional review......I love the nasty humor but I don’t like the political satire! I hear the SH**T all day long on tv and I really don’t want to hear a slanted view of anything political! There’s lots to choose from to have a nasty humorous comment which I love. The way it is now I’m considering deleting the app. It’s so sad as there’s so much that could be humorous other then taking a political side, that you think is funny. I spent a significant amount of money for this app, maybe you’ll consider trying to make everyone happy. More missions please!
  • Weather...with a chance of quirky!

    By Apollolee
    I really do like the simplicity of this app, but also the fun little things that are said about the weather. It's not extremely different from the native weather app, but it's got a little hint of originality that makes seeing the weather for the day, fun! The extra places that you get the "weather" for is also nice, it makes it sort of game like so you not only want to see the weather, you want to see the weather on the moon and other pop culture "planets". Yes, the fact that you have to pay for something that comes native on the phone is sort of a bummer, but you'll soon forget that when you're using this eccentric weather app! One negative though, I downloaded it onto my iPad mini and it doesn't have any difference, yet in the description it says that there are differences between the iPad/iPhone version...? Still wonder what they are.
  • Cards against humanity & a weather app walk into a bar...

    By The Saucy Wench
    If the Carrot weather app’s ocular sensor was single, I’d say I found my perfect match. Where i live, tornado watches , and warnings are very common through out the year. They close the entire city at the threat of snow. Due to the history of deadly tornados here, the weather stations here tend to go way over board if it even mist rain. Carrot not only gives me an accurate, up to date weather forecast with the beautiful DarkSky powering its ocular sensor- including any warnings for my location- it does so in the best possible way. It calls me a meat bag ,it cuts out my mortal enemies hearts and mails it to me in the post. It gives me funny animation and creative insults that have yet to fail at making me stop for a second and laugh daily. Carrot is my dream weather app. It's like the weather played cards against humanity and won.