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CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals for Pc

  • Category: Shopping
  • Last Updated: 2018-08-14
  • Current version: 1.88
  • File size: 1.83 MB
  • Developer: CarGurus
  • Compatibility: Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals Preview

Downloading and installing CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals on your Windows PC

Download CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals for Windows: CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals is an Shopping App, developed by CarGurus. The Shopping App was officially released 2014-02-11. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - CarGurus, with the latest current version being 1.88 which was officially released on 2018-08-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2,056 Reviews on the App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.5 out of a possible 5.

Using CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals on your Windows computer is actually very easy but if you are new to this process, you will definitely need to pay attention to the steps listed below. This is because you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We will help you download and install CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals on your computer in 4 simple steps below:

1: Download an Andriod Software emulator for Windows

The importance of the emulator is that it emulates or immitates an android environment on your computer, making it super easy to install and run android apps from the comfort of your PC without buying a phone that runs android. Who says you cannot enjoy both worlds? To begin, you can download such an emulator app made by too top dogs in the space.
A. Nox App . OR
B. Bluestacks App .
Personally, I recommend the "B" option as Bluestacks is very popular so if you run into any trobles using it, you can find good solutions on Google or Bing (lol). 

2: Now Install the Software Emulator on your Windows PC

If you successfully downloaded the Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe, go to your Downloads folder on your computer or anywhere you ususally store downloaded files.
Once you have find it, click it to install the application. It should start the installation process on your PC.
Click Next to accept the EULA License agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application.
If you do the above correctly, the Software will be successfully installed.

3: How to Use CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals for Windows PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and locate the search bar. Now type CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals in the search bar and hit Search. You will easily see the app. Click on CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals application icon. A window of CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals will open and it will display the app in your Emulator Software. Hit the Install button and your application will start downloading. Now we are all done.
Next, you will see the "All Apps" icon.
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed applications.
You should see the CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals icon. Click on it and start using the application.

Hope it was not too difficult? If you have any further inquiries, contact me through the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page so I could help You. Have a nice day!

About CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals

Developer Description

Making it fast and easy to find great deals from top-rated dealers near you ● BEST DEALS FIRST: We analyze vehicle data as well as reviews of the dealer selling the vehicle, to give every used car a deal rating from great deal to overpriced, and sort the best deals first ● INFORMATION THAT MATTERS: We believe in transparency. We provide free access to key information from accident history, to days on lot and number of owners - all on one page ● PERSONALIZED SEARCH: Our powerful search function makes it easy to refine and personalize your results, so of the 5M+ listings we have, you only see the cars and features you care about ● Sell your car with security and dedicated assistance

App Reviews

  • Love it. Hate it.

    I have a love Dash hate relationship with this app. I like using the search functionality, although it’s frustrating that it limits my range 200 miles on certain searches, when I live in the middle of BFE and the nearest car dealership is over 100 miles away. So what I have to do is put in multiple ZIP Codes for major metro areas within driving distance in order to get the search results. Kind of a PIA but doable. Real hate part of this relationship comes in when the system white screens on me, which it does every few days. Mostly when I go to view a Carfax, or other link which goes to an external URL but provide the app provides no way to return to the app. So you end up stuck in limbo until you delete the app, and then reinstall it. I think I’ve re-install this app at least a dozen times. I wish the developers would fix the issue, until then I can only get this app 2 stars.
  • Frustrating

    By Brandon R.V. Galloway
    I’ve used this app for awhile now and even to replace a car. I’ve also used it for fun. It’s a cool app if you want to find eclectic cars that you may not have heard of. However when it comes to actually finding a car to purchase this app is more than aggravating. Some filters are only available some of the time. One second I can choose what type of transmission the car has, and the next moment that option has been repealed. I also noticed, while goofing around with this app, when you select “all cars” it only shows you a portion of cars. Typically, only the newer versions? I’ll look up a specific make and model within certain stipulations and then search again under the same make but all models and suddenly it’s gone. Even if I haven’t altered the filters. This upsets me most of all because I know when I select “all cars” I’m only truly seeing a select few.
  • CarGurus did the job - helped me buy and sell!

    By jamesmccurdy1
    CarGurus is great. I was able to get a real bead on the market price for the new car I wanted and then easily reach out to dealers to make contact. No gimmicks or sending my name or info to them without my knowledge. While I was shopping, it gave me constant updates on my saved searches for different cars and let me know how long the cars were on the site. Overall, it’s great. A few flaws: I do wish the photos were bigger, but I can go to the dealer websites to get those if I needed them. That would be an improvement. Also, there were times when my searches would suddenly revert to a non-filtered search which was odd (I was looking for a Kia Optima SX and it would sometimes give me all Kia Optimas, so I’d have to reset the search.) A pain, but not a consistent problem. As for selling, I was able to reach a huge audience and sold my Dad’s old classic Saab for him in no time flat and for the asking price. The car went to a mechanic and a good home. CarGurus is a great app and a ton of help for me this year. I love my new car, and was very pleased with the selling process on my old one. Thanks!
  • Best site for finding used vehicles!

    By Left Coast Ken
    I’m currently looking to replace my current truck & have been using six different apps to make sure I’m hitting all potential sellers & deals. By far Car Gurus allows you to customize your search parameters well beyond what most apps allow (I want an extended cab, but have no interest in a std. can or crew cab), allowing me to see only those trucks in which I have a real interest & not have to sort through an additional 100 vehicles in which I’m not interested! Excellent app apparently written by people who have actually looked for used cars! Though I didn’t use it as such, I would imagine it would work equally well for finding a new vehicle.
  • From bad to worse!

    By Mennis1516
    DEVELOPERS READ!!! This app seriously needs a huge makeover. Don’t get me wrong, I love what it provides and the idea of it, but it’s in no way functional. There’s no way to go back to the search page without going all the way back to the home page, completely having to redo your filters and how you sort the results. I just wonder if the website is as bad as this. But it wasn’t always like this. It used to have a back button at least to where you wouldn’t have to redo everything again. But even then, the back button wasn’t in a dedicated place. You had to scroll up in order for it to be available. Developers please, you have a good idea here but a bad execution. Get it done right please! It’s only a two star because, and I reiterate, it’s a good idea. Better than Autolist and TrueCar. I hope developers read this
  • Good for shopping, difficult to use

    By Ayeitsdelrey
    This app is great, if you can get it to work properly. I’ve been using this app for probably 2+ years now, and still haven’t seen many improvements made whatsoever. This app is sooo glitchy. Crashes constantly, extremely difficult controls, takes forever to load small things such as car color! I know it’s not my phone causing all of the glitches and what not, I have a brand new iPhone X, and it was also extremely glitchy on my old 6s+. This app isn’t all negative though. After you get used to it, and discover it’s quirks, it’s very useful. I am giving a low rating due to the fact that no improvements have been made over a period of roughly two whole years. Such a bummer, but I really hope to see improvements soon, as I really appreciate this app.
  • Great website, but poor app

    By Jasonjennifer.hill
    Car Gurus is one of the best search engines for new and used cars. I love the filters it offers, the ability to save search parameters, etc. But, the app has several flaws. 1. You cannot tap on a photo to open a zoomed in view of photos of a vehicle. 2. You cannot save more than one search. If you try, it overwrites the previously saved search instead of saving an additional search with different parameters. 3. I frequently (like 90% of the time) get the message “Cannot connect to server” when opening the app. The app seems very sluggish and slow to load when it does load. After looking at the mobile version of their website, I realized that the UI is exactly the same as the app. This, combined with the weird quirks mentioned above, leads me to suspect that this is a hybrid app or html coded rather than a native iOS app. Please consider developing a native app to fix these issues! Many times I revert to using the mobile website in a browser over the app because the website—ironically—performs better on my phone than the app! :/
  • Broken Price Analysis

    By Guzvat
    I have used CarGurus to post my car for the past 30 days and my car has jumped from being $4k overpriced to $23k overpriced within that time while other postings that pay for their posting show “no price analysis”. We all can understand that when shopping for an item, if we see a banner reading “overpriced” by any amount, we will bypass that item without thinking twice. Due to this issue, my vehicle was viewed 1,900 times (opening of ad) but I received only 3 inquiries. Other postings for older versions of my car with less options were priced higher but showed “no price analysis” which gives all potential buyers the feeling of “this must be priced accordingly” while my vehicle shows “overpriced by $23k” in red lettering although my car is priced $4k below the older model. I have contacted CarGurus support and they claimed to not see the price jumps and asked for me to record them with screenshots but after a few more days of increases and seeing the banner grow to $23k I have decided to remove my listing and not use this service any longer. Unless you pay for your CarGurus post to remove the price banner, skip this service when posting your car.
  • Literally exactly the same as website

    By Rokolor
    This app offers precisely no functionality that you wouldn't experience on the mobile version of the website. It's not even an app, it's just a browser that can only access the cargurus site. This isn't a knock on cargurus, I think it's a great site for finding cars, I love that they just publish the VIN on the page freely, so you can google it to see if it's showed up at any salvage auctions. I'm just saying that this app is pointless, only reason to download it is if you use cargurus a lot and you don't want to clog up your safari app with a lot of tabs. That's it. I'd love to see a real app where you can save cars you like and that kind of thing.
  • I Like CarGurus But The App Is Very Glitchy

    By AmandaUchiha
    Car gurus is a great site, but the app is having some serious glitches. The app will never fully load and has that little loading circle in the middle of my screen the whole time. I can press on the filter button, but for some reason it will show me a car instead. When I try to press “all results” once I’m done looking at a specific car, it won’t take me back to all results. I know it’s not my phone because all of my other apps work perfectly and don’t have loading problems. Just getting on Cargurus on my laptop is easier than using the app.