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  • Category: Reference
  • Last Updated: 2018-08-31
  • Current version: 3.3.3
  • File size: 53.15 MB
  • Developer: Urban Dictionary
  • Compatibility: Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Urban Dictionary Preview

Downloading and installing Urban Dictionary on your Windows PC

Download Urban Dictionary for Windows: Urban Dictionary is an Reference App, developed by Urban Dictionary. The Reference App was officially released 2012-12-14. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Urban Dictionary, with the latest current version being 3.3.3 which was officially released on 2018-08-31. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,583 Reviews on the App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4 out of a possible 5.

Using Urban Dictionary on your Windows computer is actually very easy but if you are new to this process, you will definitely need to pay attention to the steps listed below. This is because you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We will help you download and install Urban Dictionary on your computer in 4 simple steps below:

1: Download an Andriod Software emulator for Windows

The importance of the emulator is that it emulates or immitates an android environment on your computer, making it super easy to install and run android apps from the comfort of your PC without buying a phone that runs android. Who says you cannot enjoy both worlds? To begin, you can download such an emulator app made by too top dogs in the space.
A. Nox App . OR
B. Bluestacks App .
Personally, I recommend the "B" option as Bluestacks is very popular so if you run into any trobles using it, you can find good solutions on Google or Bing (lol). 

2: Now Install the Software Emulator on your Windows PC

If you successfully downloaded the Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe, go to your Downloads folder on your computer or anywhere you ususally store downloaded files.
Once you have find it, click it to install the application. It should start the installation process on your PC.
Click Next to accept the EULA License agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application.
If you do the above correctly, the Software will be successfully installed.

3: How to Use Urban Dictionary for Windows PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and locate the search bar. Now type Urban Dictionary in the search bar and hit Search. You will easily see the app. Click on Urban Dictionary application icon. A window of Urban Dictionary will open and it will display the app in your Emulator Software. Hit the Install button and your application will start downloading. Now we are all done.
Next, you will see the "All Apps" icon.
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed applications.
You should see the Urban Dictionary icon. Click on it and start using the application.

Hope it was not too difficult? If you have any further inquiries, contact me through the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page so I could help You. Have a nice day!

About Urban Dictionary

Developer Description

OFFICIAL Urban Dictionary app! Urban Dictionary is the people-powered slang dictionary. • Perform unlimited searches for free, forever • Look up both slang and non-slang words • Vote for definitions you like • Share on Facebook, Twitter, email and other services • See the full text of any definition • See today's Urban Word of the Day • See autocomplete suggestions when you search • Click on links to other definitions

App Reviews

  • F this app

    By jazzyitsme
    This app used to be so much fun to browse through. Long story short I just skim through some words that have me curious to see what the app would say about it. This app is a complete embarrassment to me. I have never seen people use such ignorance toward racial slang and target groups of people about how they should not be offended by racial slangs used against them. If I am democrat then respect it. I have seen way to much about how trump is everything. Do not call people out or frown upon them for wanting to be equal. Don’t you dare look down on black people because they get offended when other races use the N word. I even saw where one definition got 6,000 likes because it says that black people make the biggest deal about something that happened to there ancestors. And then you have the audacity to say that it happened hundreds of years ago. What complete bs considering the fact that we have a racist and predigest president. I will not be using this app again and will make sure no one I know does not use it as well.
  • Finger on the pulse of pop culture

    By Mobjack11
    This is the reference dictionary that I use most often. Language is shown here in all its glory as the open-editing nature of the site allows for anyone to post their spin on how they use the various terms found here. Language evolves every day, and here we can see just how these things unfold, which terms take off and how popular each term is in popular culture by virtue of the likes and dislikes. My guess is that the importance of this site is vastly underestimated and seen as a course bastardization of the English language. This may be accurate for certain language purists, but a purist is simply a language nerd who is afraid to acknowledge the fact that language is always on the move.
  • Urban Dictionary

    By D. Hill
    Urban Dictionary is a cool reference application that allows users to look up slang and non slang terms they are unfamiliar with and serve as a guide for those curious about the meanings of urban terminology. The app does a good job in providing full on definitions instead of just incomplete interpretations. Along with the definition is an example or two of how it is used in a sentence. The app is easy to use with a search field up top of the menu where one can enter words they want the definition for. Users have the option to share terms and their definitions with others. Users can also vote for words they like.
  • Useful, But Politics Ruined It

    By JakeM.S
    It's a good app, and I enjoy using it whenever some random slang or phrase comes up and I want to know the meaning behind it, however; the app is annoyingly politically and religiously biased with the words it features on the front page of the app. Much of the words featured are just Leftist agenda getting pushed down your throat, instead of actually funny words, and it's absolutely asinine. Most recently it's started taking jabs at religion as well, which is something nobody wants to hear about when you're on an app where you expect to have a good laugh. It's really no surprise why most of the featured words have more dislikes than likes.
  • Urban dictionary

    By maydlower
    I just got the app today I think it’s pretty cool and fun but as I read other reviews I’m starting to doubt the app but so far I’m doing well. I think this app helps you understand the word better because in normal dictionaries they give you long words you just don’t understand but thanks to the urban dictionary I can actually understand the actually teenage version of the word. The reason I’m giving this app a one star is because I just got the app today and I haven’t explored it much so I still don’t know if their are a few down sides to the app. But so far the app is really well and some definitions are really funny I really recommend it.❤️
  • 😍😍😍

    By Evan Bacon
    It's sooo good!! Whenever I'm on tinder and a fine female requests a certain type of man - I can always count on Urban Dictionary to help me know exactly how much I can't satisfy her request (frat daddy). ❤️😍 But I just keep on reading and realize I don't need a girlfriend when I've got you Urban Dictionary / Aaron Peckham. Also it's made with Expo so that's pretty dope 🔥
  • Was Great-But Now Crashes Often

    By Coinnut
    I’ve had this for years now and have loved it! BUT-it now seems to be crashing quite often. (iPhone 7 Plus) Would love to give it 5 Stars until this problem started occurring. Hopefully, this problem will be addressed in the very near future. When it is I’ll either update this review, or write another and give this app 5 stars. Many thanks!!
  • 👍🏼2 thumbs tf up👍🏼

    By xXheba_issa_savageXx
    It’s really accurate. Any word that u hear somebody say, and u have no clue wut it means, u can just type it and it’ll find the perfect meaning for it. It’s not like any dictionary app u find, because it not only defines large words, but it defines slang as well. I recommend it!🤞🏼🤞🏼❤️❤️
  • It’s good

    By eioreaseliu
    It’s good except for the ads, I don’t mind to pay a little bit for the remove ads, but you don't even offer this option, so I’d like to suggest you to add this to your app, that would gives us a choice to remove ads or not
  • That app is amazing and funny tho

    By FuxkBoi22
    Whenever I type the definition it makes me laugh so hard that those people just write the random definition😂😂