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Vivino: Buy the Right Wine for Pc

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Last Updated: 2018-11-12
  • Current version: 8.16.12
  • File size: 217.06 MB
  • Developer: Vivino ApS
  • Compatibility: Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Vivino: Buy the Right Wine Preview

Downloading and installing Vivino: Buy the Right Wine on your Windows PC

Download Vivino: Buy the Right Wine for Windows: Vivino: Buy the Right Wine is an Food & Drink App, developed by Vivino ApS. The Food & Drink App was officially released 2011-01-18. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Vivino ApS, with the latest current version being 8.16.12 which was officially released on 2018-11-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 26,828 Reviews on the App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5.

Using Vivino: Buy the Right Wine on your Windows computer is actually very easy but if you are new to this process, you will definitely need to pay attention to the steps listed below. This is because you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We will help you download and install Vivino: Buy the Right Wine on your computer in 4 simple steps below:

1: Download an Andriod Software emulator for Windows

The importance of the emulator is that it emulates or immitates an android environment on your computer, making it super easy to install and run android apps from the comfort of your PC without buying a phone that runs android. Who says you cannot enjoy both worlds? To begin, you can download such an emulator app made by too top dogs in the space.
A. Nox App . OR
B. Bluestacks App .
Personally, I recommend the "B" option as Bluestacks is very popular so if you run into any trobles using it, you can find good solutions on Google or Bing (lol). 

2: Now Install the Software Emulator on your Windows PC

If you successfully downloaded the Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe, go to your Downloads folder on your computer or anywhere you ususally store downloaded files.
Once you have find it, click it to install the application. It should start the installation process on your PC.
Click Next to accept the EULA License agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application.
If you do the above correctly, the Software will be successfully installed.

3: How to Use Vivino: Buy the Right Wine for Windows PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and locate the search bar. Now type Vivino: Buy the Right Wine in the search bar and hit Search. You will easily see the app. Click on Vivino: Buy the Right Wine application icon. A window of Vivino: Buy the Right Wine will open and it will display the app in your Emulator Software. Hit the Install button and your application will start downloading. Now we are all done.
Next, you will see the "All Apps" icon.
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed applications.
You should see the Vivino: Buy the Right Wine icon. Click on it and start using the application.

Hope it was not too difficult? If you have any further inquiries, contact me through the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page so I could help You. Have a nice day!

About Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

Developer Description

With 30 million users, Vivino is the world’s largest wine community and the ultimate destination for discovering and buying wines. HOW IT WORKS • Scan: Take a photo of any wine label or restaurant wine list or search by wine • Learn: Instantly see detailed information about the wine and all available purchasing options • Review: Community powered wine ratings, reviews, average price, food pairings and more provided on every wine • Buy: To purchase, tap the green buy button and have it shipped to your door - always buy the right wine • Rate: Add your own ratings and reviews to build your wine profile and enhance your personalized recommendations • Track: Easily keep track of wines you have tried, including personal rating, notes and date consumed • Store: Free cellar tracking to always know what wine you have on hand in your collection STATS • 30 million users • World’s largest wine library with 9.2 million wines • 2 million wines viewed daily • 560 million wine labels scanned to date • 200,000 wineries featured KEY FEATURES • Buy the Right Wine: Vivino is the ultimate online destination for all your wine buying needs - the largest wine selection, personalized wine recommendations, free shipping options and honest community ratings and review • Crowdsourced Ratings & Reviews: Leverage reviews and ratings from the world’s largest community of wine drinkers to always select the best wine. • Restaurant Wine List Scanner: Always select the best wine from any restaurant wine list menu • Quick Compare: Pick the best wine right at the shelf by scanning multiple wine labels to instantly view ratings, region, price and food pairings all on one page. • Taste Profile: Track and organize your scanned and rated wines to determine your personal taste profile, discover new wines and see how you rank against friends and the Vivino community. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Please note that we are not able to reply to comments or questions left in App Store reviews. If you have any support-related inquiries or need assistance, please contact

App Reviews

  • Pretty close here...

    By Qdo312
    Vivino is doing a lot right here both in terms of allowing you to track what you have had and what you are keeping in your “cellar” - they also understand that that word means different things to different people. There is no trendy “anti-snob” marketing, and there is no “we can teach you more” pretense - track, buy if you want, and enjoy the social aspect to it as well. That said, they are very behind in appellations and regional categories and that makes the analytics difficult to respect. I would like to see by grape, by region, by specific regional locations, by price, by ratings, but they lump everything that isn't, say Napa Cabernet, for example, together as California Cabernet. Tell that to Sonoma and their regions like Alexander Valley or Russian River! Same in many international areas and they have not scratched the surface of areas like Virginia or the Finger Lakes or Canada. Hopefully they put some dev dollars into this soon, but for now it is still well worth it and beats the competitors, I think.
  • Too many wine clubs?

    By Jenny Love
    I’ve honestly never written a review for an app before, but I feel like I must with this one. My friends have spoken about the Vivino for years when they find a wine they like at a restaurant and then they want to buy it at the store. Or when they go to the store to look at the walls of wine and who knows if you are wasting your money on a bottle of wine until you get home to drink it? Vivino has fixed all of that for us. And then some. After our third trip to Napa Valley and the wine clubs that we have joined over the years, and the wine that is accumulating in my cellar, I realized that we didn’t even know what we had anymore. Vivino has fixed all of that. I love to use that while shopping for wine right in my own cellar. I know what I have and I can take it out of my virtual cellar after we have enjoyed it. Best yet is that if I like it and I want to buy more of it, it doesn’t just disappear from my list. It is still there with all of my details so that I can purchase more to enjoy at a later date. Thanks for Vivino. There is one glitch in the latest release-when you add a wine to your cellar no matter what date you entered, the app reverts back to today’s date. You have to go back in and edit the entry and change the date and then it saves the second time. Something for your developers to fix please.
  • Lost all saved wines - Updated, they were retrieved

    By gpd21
    Update: After they corrected the wrong support address they posted, I was able to request help and eventually my wine list was restored! Their support was better than I would have expected. Temporarily lost wine list aside, the app is good but not great. The primary problem is that a lot of wines are missing, and there are times where there are two seemingly identical listings for the same wine. However, it's the best app of this kind that I've found. I used this app for years, for one reason: to catalog the wines I drank and record what I thought of them. After one of the recent updates, I discovered my entire list was gone! I've tried logging in in case they were tied to an email account, but none of my email addresses are recognized. And worst of all, the support address they provide in the app description doesn't work; mail to it bounces back.
  • Convenient, Informative, Fun!

    By FierceLifeNow
    This is a great tool for the wine enthusiast and then casual buyer alike. So easy! Snap a photo of a bottle’s label while browsing at your favorite retailer and get tons of information regarding the varietal. You receive winery specific-region-global ranking comparisons, ratings, reviews, similar wines and much more fun and valuable info. The app allows you to maintain a history of the wines you’ve scanned, learns your preferences over time and will follow up (via email) with deals on wines that are likely to interest you. Thanks to Vivino I Have discovered and purchased a number of wines (originating from across the World) that I likely never would have purchased, or even been aware of (and I live less than an hour from the California Napa-Sonoma Wine Country). Vivino is one of my favorite apps and I use it at least weekly!
  • Hands down, one of the most useful apps I have!

    By FlNicki
    I absolutely ADORE this app for so many reasons. Gone are the days of picking up an unfamiliar bottle of wine in an attempt to go “outside of the box,” only to be regretfully let down. The ability to scan and pull up details and reviews of ‘that’ exact wine (down to the year!) within a couple of seconds is straight up awesome. I also love how it saves the wines I scan so I can go back and either rate or at least remember which particular wines I was looking at, what I liked/didn’t like, etc.. Not to mention, it’s FREE! Seriously, people. If you like wine or are simply trying to get into it a little more, look no further. Vivino is THE app
  • Purchase delays

    By Jimbo@redneckriviera
    The ap is good for guiding a shopper while perusing wine in a store. It is fun to use. I am not so sure about their wine ratings. They seem over-hyped to me. Buying wine from them is a different matter. I tried them out to see what would happen if I purchased wine from them. I ordered six bottles of wine through Vivino and it took almost two months until delivery. It may have been because of where I live...Alabama. Wine delivery here has to go through the state controlled ABC stores and a tax must be paid before release. Unfortunately, I blame Vivino for incompetence in the delivery process. They delayed, delayed, delayed, even after notifying me the wine was shipped the week I ordered it, and with each correspondence reassuring me that the wine “is being readied for shipment.”
  • Awesome Tool!

    By gcrols
    Really really great idea for an app. It's well made, easy to use, and most importantly it works. It works really well. There are a few small things I would like to see changed. For example, if I want to recommend a wine for a friend who has the app, I would like to have the option of sending the recommendation through the app instead of through text or email. It would make things easier to navigate with less room for malfunction (which I have experienced a bit of when trying to open a recommendation link in a text message). Overall I love the app. It's going to make buying wine a whole lot easier and finding wines I like a whole lot more intriguing.
  • Life saver at a wine store or restaurant.

    By Igor Tumasov
    I’m very iffy about wine “ratings” and scores, but there’s something to be said for crowdsourcing a second opinion. Although, I mostly find myself reading scanned wine reviews and notes, I do rely on the scores sometimes to cut through the noise and focus on what’s been praised. The image recognition on the label is amazing and the added ability to turn on the flashlight is definitely helpful. The wine list scanner is a great bonus but I’d say it’s about 55-65% accurate (depending on lighting and list format). Definitely the best wine app I’ve tried; I wish they had this for whiskey.
  • What’s there not to like??

    By ssatl_1
    Easy to use. Can save a database of my wines - what I love what I hate. By logging it I’m able to understand what I like more and now I rarely pick a (not-so-great) wine for dinner. I haven’t added any friends but I haven’t needed to in order to enjoy the app. Love the option of taking a pic or being able to search it. Awesome to see the rating, price, pic, and one or two expert reviews with minimal scrolling - helps me pick quickly at the grocery store. While I don’t keep enough wine at home to need to use the cellar function, love that it is there. Great job, Vivino! Bravo!
  • Luscious and delectable...a thoroughbred pioneer

    By Threepointplay
    Vivino has become my reliable go-to grape shopping buddy! No better companion than one who can instantly give you a beat on the right bottle for that unique occasion, at the best value, and doesn’t argue with your eclectic palette! Very rarely is Vivino stumped on a selection, and the function of thousands of objective reviews, gives me the courage to embrace a 4.2 value wine, or indulge in that swarthy 4.6 vineyard, that is a virgin in my personal quiver. When I’m overwhelmed by the voluminous nature of the vino category, my druthers are flavorfully satiated with a Vivino approval of an old industry faithful, and equally emancipated by the pleasant surprise of a new-found treasure! Thank you Vivino for becoming such an invaluable friend. I strongly encourage the neophyte, as well as those self-anointed vineyard connoisseurs, to welcome Vivino into your guilty pleasures. Share your journey into this spirit world with my dear new friend, you won’t be disappointed... Deliciously a loyal and adoring fan, EMS