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Record it! :: Screen Recorder for Pc

  • Category: Utilities
  • Last Updated: 2018-11-09
  • Current version: 4.3
  • File size: 25.90 MB
  • Developer: DIGISET LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Record it! :: Screen Recorder Preview

Downloading and installing Record it! :: Screen Recorder on your Windows PC

Download Record it! :: Screen Recorder for Windows: Record it! :: Screen Recorder is an Utilities App, developed by DIGISET LLC. The Utilities App was officially released 2017-06-12. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - DIGISET LLC, with the latest current version being 4.3 which was officially released on 2018-11-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 7,272 Reviews on the App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4 out of a possible 5.

Using Record it! :: Screen Recorder on your Windows computer is actually very easy but if you are new to this process, you will definitely need to pay attention to the steps listed below. This is because you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We will help you download and install Record it! :: Screen Recorder on your computer in 4 simple steps below:

1: Download an Andriod Software emulator for Windows

The importance of the emulator is that it emulates or immitates an android environment on your computer, making it super easy to install and run android apps from the comfort of your PC without buying a phone that runs android. Who says you cannot enjoy both worlds? To begin, you can download such an emulator app made by too top dogs in the space.
A. Nox App . OR
B. Bluestacks App .
Personally, I recommend the "B" option as Bluestacks is very popular so if you run into any trobles using it, you can find good solutions on Google or Bing (lol). 

2: Now Install the Software Emulator on your Windows PC

If you successfully downloaded the Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe, go to your Downloads folder on your computer or anywhere you ususally store downloaded files.
Once you have find it, click it to install the application. It should start the installation process on your PC.
Click Next to accept the EULA License agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application.
If you do the above correctly, the Software will be successfully installed.

3: How to Use Record it! :: Screen Recorder for Windows PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and locate the search bar. Now type Record it! :: Screen Recorder in the search bar and hit Search. You will easily see the app. Click on Record it! :: Screen Recorder application icon. A window of Record it! :: Screen Recorder will open and it will display the app in your Emulator Software. Hit the Install button and your application will start downloading. Now we are all done.
Next, you will see the "All Apps" icon.
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed applications.
You should see the Record it! :: Screen Recorder icon. Click on it and start using the application.

Hope it was not too difficult? If you have any further inquiries, contact me through the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page so I could help You. Have a nice day!

About Record it! :: Screen Recorder

Developer Description

Record it!: Screen Capture allows you to record your favorite games and apps for tutorials, games walk-trough,video demos and app training on your iPhone and iPad. After recording your screen, you can add video reactions with audio commentary to further enhance your recording! RECORD • One tap to start recording your entire screen (requires iOS 12) • For iOS 11, we provide easy to follow video tutorials to get you setup fast • Record everything: games, video tutorials, apps VIDEO FACE CAM REACTIONS • Add FaceCam Reactions to your recordings • Add reactions to your favorite YouTube videos! • Personalize your reaction by setting the reaction shape, position and size • Camera Roll videos are supported AUDIO COMMENTARY • Record audio only commentary for your videos VIDEO EDITOR • Trim your video • Video filters • Adjustable playback speed • Change canvas and background color • Rotate ORGANIZER • Organize your recordings in one simple application with easy access SHARE • Share directly to YouTube for easy and fast exporting • Save directly to camera roll • Share and export your recordings to other apps, via email or AirDrop. You can also export your recording to your computer via WiFi or any other app for more specialized video editing. Video reactions is a perfect way to add personality to your video recordings. You can add video reaction to your recordings so your audience can watch you while you play your favorite game, or when simply recording an app demonstration (Perfect to show your friends how to complete a task, or how to achieve that perfect score in a game). The combinations are endless, just download and try for yourself. ------------- Video share are limited to three minutes videos. For longer videos sharing, please upgrade to our Pro version (In App Purchase)

App Reviews

  • It’s mostly good....

    By lemonsour11
    I really like this app, especially because it is flexible in the sense that if you can pick where you want to save the video to(the camera roll or the app), and you can choose if you want the microphone on or off. But for me, this app had a few catches. First of all, this may or may not happen to you, but I have an iPad mini 2, and when ever I record a game the has a landscape background, the app records it as portrait background and you have to tilt your head sideways to actually look at the screen. Talk about annoying! Also, it says you can add commentary to your video, but it never explains how to do it?! I suggest that the makers fix both of these because that would just make this app perfect, in my opinion. I was contemplating on whether I should give this game 3 or 4 stars. I went with 4 because it was the best screen recording app I found in the App Store, and overall they did a good job. P.S. sorry for the long review :)
  • I’d give this app 1/2 a star or a zero if I could but.....

    By Kenzie303
    This app is absolutely atrocious. I have no idea how other people could even possible think that this is a good app in the slightest. First of all, their advertising is false. They say that their app can record web browsers and your regular screen but it can only record things in the app, which was a major disappointment for me because I would like to record my artwork. Second of all, they only let you record for 15 seconds at a time unless you pay to get unlimited recording time. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I got your app because I don’t want to have to pay to record something. Maybe if you could record for 5-10 mins and then have unlimited for whatever amount of money, but the times that you gave us are just so unrealistic and stupid. I highly suggest you change this because I’m not paying 4 dollars for something I can do on my own, so you can expect that I will be deleting this app and I very highly recommend that everyone else either not get it at all or delete it as well.
  • Took Forever to Save

    By Skylanders Girl 712
    So right now, I’ve bought this app and I wanted to use it for drawing videos. So I recorded a video about twenty minutes long and went to edit it. First thing I noticed was that I couldn’t save after changing the playback speed, I could only save the editing after I cut a small part out. The next problem was that the process of saving took so long, and I have no idea why. Maybe it was because of the video’s length, but I left it to save for around nine hours, making sure my device stayed on and connected to the charger, and yet, when I came back it still hadn’t saved. So right now, I’m stuck in a loop of issues that make it impossible to finish that video. However, the app is very easy to use and has great video quality.
  • Great app but...

    By Untammed Nuggets
    I love this app it works perfectly fine I can record any website, game or even my home screen if I wanted to the few things that I don’t like is that they have adds what is the point of adds that’s like if you download Instagram or Facebook and when you post something an add pops up it would be stupid it’s the same thing with this app. When you record yourself playing a game and you want to edit something like cut something off the screen for example if it shows my personal info I can’t cut it out I can only delete the footage. Overall this is a 5 star app so thanks for it👍🤩
  • Pro features and zero support

    By Str8UpJack
    So I bought the pro version. Everyone complaining about 15 seconds.. just to use the built in screen recorder.. it is free. Here are the problems with the app. 1st.. ZERO support from developer. I have sent in 6 emails using the support links on the AppStore and in the game and zero response over the course of 2 months. If you don’t want to support a paying customer the. Get the heck out of the app business. 2. The pro version does unlock unlimited recording and there are some nice built in editing features. BUT. adding your face cam reactions is a little buggy ( it has ended abruptly and restarted for no apparent reason ). But worst part is adding your face cam with sound REMOVES the audio track that was recorded while making your recording. 3. The pro version supposedly records in high quality.. lol. Yeah. It reduces the resolution of my iPad ( the built in iOS screen recorder does not ) and there are some issues with artifacts showing up. It has promise when you read what it is supposed to do. The editing features are nice and do seem to work from my experience so far. But the utter lack of support from the dev and the issues I mentioned above make this an app to just avoid.
  • It's good but...

    By noon.4045
    It is an amazing screen recorder I love it this is exactly what I needed but when you said you can add reactions to your videos, I don’t know how you do it because all it just said “after you have made your video, you can add reactions to it.” but I suggest to be more specific about the directions so we can understand it more. I would give it a 5 star if the directions were more specific but I give it a 4, but still, it’s useful and great to use so I would recommend this to my friends and others. But can you please make directions more specific next time. I still use it though it’s very helpful and really handy.
  • Terrible

    By the best app reviewer! V2
    This app is the biggest scam ever! You only get 5 minuets if recording. SCAM! Then they make you pay $4 to get unlimited pass! If you want a free screen recorder go to settings>control center>customize controls>look for screen recording near middle of list>then click the plus button next to it>exit out of settings>slide up or down (depending if you have regular iPhone or iPhone X.) slide from top if have iPhone X slide from the bottom for all other iPhones>hold the square with the circle in it>turn mic on (if wanted.)>then click record!>when done slide up or down (depending on phone.)>click the same button fast!>then it will be saved to your photos! Thank you for reading this please say this comment was helpful! Thank you! See you in my next app review! Bye!
  • Perfect

    By Fjdihdhydhgjfidv
    This is the only screen recording app I could find on the App Store and it works perfectly fine and I don’t know why other people are complaining that they can’t record anything but the app, but I honestly have 0 problems with this app. I use it to record funny memes that I can’t screen shot and I just found the microphone button too. Game Changer (btw some person on here gave this app one star then said that if you wanted a free screen recorder go to settings, btw man that is the app that’s how you use it that’s not an apple feature)
  • Just one thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars

    By fastpopgun
    I have been desperate for a screen recorder like this to make my gaming vids and to me this app is like a gift from heaven but there are a few tiny bugs. First of all when you record sometimes when you are done it saves the recording to the photos app instead of the my videos in the app which is inconvenient but not that bad and then there is the jittering with the video. It will like shake when I play the vid. Anyways great app also check out my channel plz I’ll be more active now that I can record the screen easy. #GamingwithFastpopgun
  • I love it! 💞

    By Daleryn
    So I just started using this app last night because I didn’t like the recorder that came with my iphone because whenever you would take the video and edit it the audio will just completely disappear. So I found this app and I love it so much! There’s no watermark, the audio doesn’t disappear, and it even has a editing tool in it. I really love the editor you guys added in it but I still think you guys should add more filters and more options of editing tools. Keep it up! ❤️